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Adminovate Conference 2023

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Adminovate Karl Anthony Paul

I was delighted to attend the Adminovate Conference, held once again in Trinity College Dublin, on Thursday 25th May. It is one of the dates in the calendar I look forward to most each year and is an excellent opportunity to network with existing (and potentially new) clients, industry peers and numerous former colleagues from my time with Deutsche Bank/State Street, JP Morgan & Northern Trust.

A broad agenda was covered touching on a number of highly relevant topics including CP138, Cybersecurity, AI & Machine Learning and Revolutionising Work: Emerging Trends & Best Practices. A number of businesses have adapted to the post-COVID work environment better than others and finding the perfect blend, between what employers and employees want, is critical to future success.

There were some keen "Insights from the Top" with the Business Leaders panel of Melíosa O'Caoimh (Northern Trust), Yvonne Connolly (Carne) and Andrew O'Callaghan (PwC), and some intriguing demos from ID-Pal to Nexus Assurance and more.

Another successful Adminovate drew to a conclusion and many thanks, as always, are due to the Fund Recs team and Pete Townsend for their creativity in bringing this to us each year.