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An exceptionally talented Head of Risk & Compliance candidate, referred to EMPOWERMENT, was seeking a new career challenge that met a number of their key requirements on both a professional & personal level. While presently working on a four-day week, their strategic plan was to return to a five-day week within a 24-36 month period and they were keen to identify a firm that could offer them this flexibility in the short-term, but also deliver an upward trajectory in their career.

EMPOWERMENT identified three of our clients who were seeking a Head of Risk & Compliance to ascertain if our candidates key requirements were possible. Two clients immediately returned and indicated they could offer the flexibility and greater international exposure/career potential for our candidate. Due to their exceptional talent and wealth of experience, our candidate proceeded to final round interviews for both positions. It was at this point that the candidate asked EMPOWERMENT to provide reassurance and in-depth counsel, to solidify that they were making the correct decision for their career. While we believed that one of the opportunities fundamentally ticked all the boxes that are candidate was seeking, we advised the candidate to return to the 7 key factors we discussed in our original meeting, for candidates that are seeking a career change, and asked them to run through one final time. Upon reviewing these key factors they were assured that they had identified the opportunity, and organisation, that would meet all their requirements and were delighted to accept the position. Over the next three years, our candidate has grown within the organisation as it expanded it's footprint in both Ireland & Europe, and now holds a Global role which they are thoroughly delighted with.

EMPOWERMENT's 7 Key Factors

  1. The Role

  2. The Company

  3. Cultural Fit

  4. Opportunity for Ongoing Career Development

  5. Remuneration

  6. Location

  7. Work-Life Balance/Flexibility